Yan Min is the Special Attack Member of Venus.


While wearing the Venus uniform like the other members, Yan Min also wears the Chinese headwear, and has a long ponytail that comes from the side under it.


Azuki Shinatsu - Yan Min has a strong rivalry with Azuki, which began as soon as they met. While they have yet to settle it in a proper duel, they both gained respect for each other during their fight when Kodama Himegami was captured, which seems to have developed into something of a friendship, as noted by the twins. They also seem to think on similar tracks, as Azuki tells Yan Min she will defeat her so badly she will be too humiliated to report back to Kamigami, which was exactly Yan Min's reasoning when she fought Kai Kurigasa.

Kai Kurigasa - Yan Min initially only considered him a weakling, particularly as he had never won against Azuki, and so looked down on him. However, after his request for a rematch when Venus was leaving, she seems to have developed a more friendly approach towards him.


Kinben - takes the form of a two-tailed whip which appears to have lightning powers. Its power is on par with the original eight maken, and is the maken of one of the gods from her country. Her attacks with this include:

  • Reirii - Yan Min fuses Kinben to her body, increasing her speed to lightning fast and reducing her reaction time.
  • Rasen Housui - Yan Min charges lightning up her arms to create a punch that blows away whatever she hits.
  • Reichin (Thunder Fist) - Yan Min's fists turn into lightning, increasing her power.