Tenbi Academy

Tenbi Academy is a newly co-ed school where Takeru Oyama goes to along with his friends Haruko Amaya, Inaho Kushiya and Kodama Himegami.


The students study there uses combat and magic, and this is known for a place to train maken users to improve and master their maken. Everyone in this school are required to join a club. It used to be a co-ed school before the school became a full-girl school. This school's motto is "Mentality, Beauty, and Physical"; in the anime it is called "Brain, Beauty and Body" and the principal said it will be unchanged even if the school become a co-ed school.

It is policed by the Maken-Ki, who are essentially the student council and settle all disputes between students in the school. The members of Maken-Ki are among the most powerful in the school, which is a necessity in order to maintain peace.

Tenbi Academy was created in order to raise young maken users so that they could learn to use their maken in a nurturing environment, as the task of teaching new users was originally done by the Kamigami, who failed miserably at it.