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Takeru Oyama

大山 タケル


Oyama Takeru


Male Male

Hair Color


Eye Color


Professional Status

Tenbi Academy
Madō Kenkei Kikōu


Freshman High School Student

Personal Status



Takeshi Oyama (Father)
Atsuma Oyama (Mother)

Kodama Himegami (Distant Relative)




Special Abilities

Blood Pointer

Debuts and Voices
Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

The Day We Swore to Heaven

Japanese Voice

Tomoaki Maeno / Chiwa Saito (Japanese) as Takeko

English Voice

Ian Sinclair/ Arielle O'Neil (English) as Takeko

"You really want me to beat you up?""

Takeru Oyama in Utopia of the Strong

Takeru Oyama (大山 タケル Oyama Takeru) is a member of the Student Council Security Division, a freshman student at Tenbi Academy, and the central protagonist of the Maken-Ki series. He is the child of Takeshi Oyama and Atsuma Oyama, descendant of Oousu no Mikoto and Yabiko Oyama, and is very distantly related to Kodama Himegami

Takeru originally enters Tenbi Academy without any knowledge of the school, other than that the school had changed from all-girls to co-ed. Before moving to Tenbi, he was at an all-boys school. His best friend is Kengo Usui. He currently lives with Haruko Amaya, Inaho Kushiya & Kodama Himegami.


Takeru is a teenager with brown hair that is shaved close on the sides and forms a crown in the back. He originally wore glasses, and presumably still needs them, but has stopped wearing them as "they kept getting broken too often". His usual attire is the Tenbi Academy male student uniform which consists of a white shirt, green tie, blue pants, and black shoes.

In Season 2, he stops wearing glasses.


Takeru is a helpful and kind person, but has a perverted mind. Although he doesn't really mean to do these perverted things on purpose to Haruko he still gets beat upon her. He never thinks before he acts, as described by Haruko. He never wanted to see women fight, or to fight women, when his mother Atsuma died after she lost a duel; and considers his father the one responsible for her death, despite her dying from a disease.

After encountering Tesshin during the Summer Camp arc, Takeru has since changed his opinion of fighting women, recognising it as his own weakness and refusal to face his past. He has also apparently forgiven Tesshin and his father, realising that they were not at fault for Atsuma's death.


Takeru met Inaho Kushiya on one of her father's trips to the city, making a strong impression on her.

After his mother's death, Takeru left home and lived alone until his enrollment at Tenbi Academy. He didn't recognize Inaho immediately due to their youth and the fact that they lived together for only a brief period.


Welcome to Tenbi

In the beginning, he dreamt of a mysterious person which is most likely Blood Pointer's true form. That mysterious person said that it's too early for Takeru to be his master, but "it seems you have already awakened".

Upon arriving at Tenbi and heading for the opening ceremony, he comes across two girls duelling. While he wonders at what's happening, he notices Kodama Himegami hanging upside down from a tree branch. Takeru comments to her he can see her underwear, and she falls out of the tree on top of him. Somehow in the fall they end up kissing, and a symbol appears on Takeru's chest, which Kodama sees but Takeru is unaware of. Kodama immediately states that he's her mortal enemy, and challenges him to a duel at the welcoming ceremony. She tries to use a time-delay electric attack that will kill him after a few days, but she is stopped when Inaho appears and blocks her attack.

Date with Takeru

Life at Tenbi

Clash with Venus

Summer Training Camp

When Takeru falls into the cave, he encounters Tesshin, who questions him on his reason for coming. When Takeru attempts to attack him, Tesshin makes a fist and punches Takeru away with his fist's air pressure. Takeru screams that Tesshin killed his mother, leading to Tesshin realising that Takeru is Atsuma's child. Tesshin accepts the accusation, and claims he and Takeru are sworn enemies, and calls for a fight. Tesshin and Takeru begin to fight, although Tesshin fights with his eyes closed. Tesshin, noting Takeru's good instincts, begins to command him about how to fight while they do so. However, Takeru's fear over Tesshin's right fist begins to overwhelm him, disappointing Tesshin, who tells him to leave. Takeru then considers himself, and realises that his hatred for Tesshin and his father, along with his conviction against fighting women (himself or others), was simply his own weakness and refusal to face his mother's death.

With new courage, he rushes Tesshin, who gets excited as Takeru's eyes are now just like Atsuma's. As Tesshin punches Takeru, Takeru leans back to the point of breaking his own back to avoid the punch, shocking Tesshin. He then bites Tesshin and uses Tesshin's Element to heal himself. After Takeru lands a massive punch, Tesshin realises that Takeru is using Blood Pointer, and tells him about Blood Pointer's ability to take people's emotions, good and bad, and turn them into Element. He thanks Takeru for showing him how to use Blood Pointer, while Takeru tells him that Tesshin has also helped him to understand something about himself. Takeru later wakes up on Tesshin's back, having lost the fight. Tesshin is carrying him out of the cave, which was collapsing due to their fight. He reveals that Inaho is his daughter, much to Takeru's shock, who points out that they have nothing in common physically.

Hime Kagura

True Maken


Overblow - Takeru's maken causes his opponent's maken to gain incredible power and overflow with element causing it to go out of control and force the user to be unable to use it. The downside to this maken is if his opponent is able to contain the overflow of element or has perfect control over his/her maken, it would only provide his opponent greater power or even make the maken evolve into something greater. His attack with this maken is Drive Duo, and Blood Duo. However, this is described as a side effect by Gen, and the true power of Overblow lies in the ability to erase dark/evil element.

Blood Pointer (Buraddo Pointaa) - Takeru's hidden ability, this ability allows the user to drain elements from their environment through their mouth, increasing their strength and healing them if necessary. It weakens the people who the user drained the element from. It is unknown how easily it can interrupted; the only person to interrupt an berserk Blood Pointer was Kengo Usui, who had the Element Canceller ability. As Element is needed for life, as well as attacks and manifesting maken, it is quite possible that a berserk Blood Pointer would be unstoppable without a long-range attack or a user with a near-infinite amount of Element.

Fist Blade - A technique used by Takeru after using his Blood Pointer ability. This element is built up in his hand and fired at the enemy as a huge blade of element.

Absolute Fist - a charged punch delivered while Takeru is moving at high speed.

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