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Takeru Ohyama
Takeru ohyama

English Name

Takeshi Ohyama

Japanese Name

大山 タケル






Tenbi Academy




The Day We Swore to Heaven (Anime)
Manga - Chapter 1

Voiced by

Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese)
Ian Sinclair (English)
Ryan Reynolds (Child, English)

Takeru Ohyama
Vlcsnap 00671
Takeru in genderswap form
SamueljooAdded by Samueljoo
is one of the protagonists of Maken-Ki! series and he is a normal student with a perverted mind. Takeru enters Tenbi Academy without any information on the school, but only heard that the school had changed from all-girls to co-ed. Before moving to Tenbi, he was at a all-boy school. 

Character InfomationEdit

He is a teenager with orange hair that is shaved close on the sides and back forming a crown. He wears glasses but stops wearing them in Maken Ki Two. His usual attire is the Tenbi Academy male student uniform which consists of a white shirt, green tie, blue pants, and black shoes. His best friend is Kengo Usui.


Takeru is perverted minded, but helpful. He never thinks before he acts as described by Haruko Amaya in chapter 1. He is a kind and helpful person and he would help his friend when they are in danger. He never wanted to see women fight after his mother died after she lost a duel; and he felt that his father is responsible for this.


Welcome to Tenbi Academy

In the beginning, he dreamt of a mysterious person which is most likely blood pointer's true form or not. That mysterious person said that he is too soon for Takeru to be his master. Before Takeru wakes up from his dream, he said "But it seems you have already awakened

He is the childhood friend of Haruko Amaya. At Tenbi Academy he met Kodama Himegami a girl who tries to kill him and Inaho Kushiya a self proclaimed fiancee of Takeru.


  • Takeru's Maken

Over blow- Takeru's maken causes his opponent's maken to gain incredible power and overflow with element causing it to go out of control and force the user to not be able to use it. However, if his opponent is able to contain the overflow of element or has perfect control over his/her maken, it would only provide his opponent greater power or even make the maken evolve into something greater.

Blood pointer - Takeru's hidden ability, this ability allows the user to drain every element from the people around him through his mouth and increases the user's strength. Also it weakens the people who he drained the element from. But this ability is seen to be able to be stopped when Kengo Usui threw something at him.

Fist Blade- A technique used by Takeru after using his blood pointer ability. Element is built up in his hand where he then punches, firing a huge blade of element at his opponent.

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