Usually addressed by her last name, Minerva is a Defense Member of Venus, fulfilling the same role as Celia. She is the most powerful member of Venus; in fact, her power is so strong that Minori ranks her as beyond SS, placing her as the most powerful known ability user. She usually walks around with her eyes closed, although due to her abilities she still possesses an awareness of her surroundings, as she can still see anything possessing element through her eyelids.


Minerva seems to have the ero-personality of a teenage boy, often thinking along the same lines as Kengo Usui. She makes the clothes of Haruko, Inaho and Azuki disappear during their fight with Venus, declaring herself as the Master of Lingerie. She also tells Kodama that she has come to like the school and all its breasts.

She also cares deeply about her teammates, in particular becoming very panicked when it appeared that Kodama's fireball would kill Akaya.


Like the other members of Venus, Minerva carries a Jingu rather than a maken. Her Jingu is:

Aegis - this allows Minerva to open gates into other dimensions, moving things freely between them. She can also create barriers using this.

In addition to this, Minerva's power is greatly increased by her ability to produce an inexhaustible amount of element from her eyes. This means she can use Aegis anywhere within a large vicinity around her, and Aegis is powered up from the excess element.