A third-year member of Tenbi, she has been brainwashed by Kamigami and is a major antagonist in the Hime Kagura arc, serving under Otohime Yamato. She is something of a sexual predator, constantly stripping and trying to seduce people around her, men and women alike. She claims to be a knight, a vocation she took up in an attempt to discipline herself. Before her participation in Kamigami, she was one of the Four Pillars of Tenbi.


Love's raw power is one of the highest encountered. Her element level is 15000, and she was able to defeat Minori, Haruko and Furan simultaneously at the previous year's Hime Kagura. She was also strong enough to kill Tesshin, who could defeat S-class ability users.


Her name, Espada, comes from the spanish word for sword.