Previously known as Sample 0-06, Kai is a clone of Takeru Yamato, first encountered with Martha Minerva at the Comica. He escaped from Ouken thanks to Kengo Usui, who threw him onto a passing boat in order to escape.


Like most of Takeru Yamato's clones, Kai is a young man with blonde hair.


Generally Kai seems to be a good-natured and kind person. He is quite attached to his foster parent Koushi Aomi, as he sees him as his real parent and shares a deep connection with him.

However, he does hold a grudge against Takeru Yamato and is quite vengeful towards him.

Powers and Abilities

Rental Gift

At some point, Koushi allowed Kai to borrow his Rental Gift power. This unique ability enables Kai to borrow the powers of others provided they give him consent. To do this, he asked the Tenbi students to call him "Hai", arguing that it would be confusing otherwise since Kai shared his first name with Kai Kurigasa.

Since "Hai" is the Japanese pronunciation for the word "Yes", the students effectively gave permission for Rental Gift by calling him by this nickname.