Demitra is the Vice-Commander of Venus.


Demitra has dark hair, split into twin tails with a small bun at the back of her head and is the tallest member of Venus. She has E-cup breasts, rivaling those of Inaho Kushiya and Azuki Shinatsu.


Trident - It takes the form of a large trident that bolsters Demitra's water powers. Her attacks with this include:

  • Jet Fall - Demitra creates a wall of fast-moving water, similar to a section of a waterfall, with enough speed to destroy anything passing through.
  • Life Suction - Demitra draws all the blood and water from her opponent's body.
  • Aqua Blast - Demitra blasts a giant cylinder of water from the centre tine of Trident.
  • Shot Rain - Demitra uses water drops like bullets, directing them at opponents at high velocity.
  • Erekuteisu - A blast line of water that splits the ground as it races forward in a straight line. She activates this with: "Lord of the sea, quench the thirst of those who roam the land! Grant them your eternal blessing!! Split the earth, Erekuteisu!"
  • Bureouina - A more powerful version of Aqua Blast, activated by saying "The giant pillar that supports the sea! Bureouina!"