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Chacha Akaza

藜 チャチャ


Akaza Chacha


Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color



Bust: 99 (H cup) / Waist: 62 / Hips: 88

Professional Status

Tenbi Academy
Madō Kenkei Kikōu


Sophomore High School Student

Personal Status




Special Abilities

Martial Arts

Debuts and Voices
Manga Debut

Chapter 3

Anime Debut

Episode 3

Japanese Voice

Saeko Zougou (Japanese)

English Voice

Anita Neukar (English)

Chacha Akaza (藜 チャチャ Akaza Chacha) is member of the Student Council Security Division, a sophomore student at Tenbi Academy, and one of the supporting characters of the Maken-Ki! series. Chacha is a foreign student outside Japan and also a powerful ability user, possessing the Maken known as Compressor which allows her to manipulate the density and size of inanimate objects.

When she first meets Takeru, Inaho and Kengo, she is throwing shuriken, and nearly hits Takeru and Kengo. Her best friend is Kimi Sato, who she became friends with over their love of manga.


Chacha is well known for her enthusiasm and carefree personality. She is always seen smiling and generally is very laidback, being one of the few girls in the series who isn't bothered by being seen naked - thus showing some form of immodesty. She also enjoys wearing various costumes.

Chacha can be a bit extreme or drastic at times. This is shown by her putting Takeru through life and death methods of training, as well as by her exposing Haruko's breasts in public to joke about the fact that her breasts should have a lot of milk - although she later stated she wasn't aware that Haruko wasn't wearing a bra underneath.


She has light brown skin, grey hair that is put into a side ponytail and has green eyes.

Chacha has the largest breasts as a student of Tenbi academy. She currently has an H cup size with Haruko having the same cup size that is only two centimeters less of Chacha's bust size.




Compressor - Chacha has the ability to change the shape and density of objects she can use, such as changing a small broken plank into an enormous board. Chacha has shown to have immense strength and power as she beat an a opponent three times her size in an arm wrestle within a sec with ease, much to Takeru's amazement.





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