• CoolBlackZ

    Hey guys! I'm CBZ, otherwise known as CoolBlackZ and I've been granted Admin rights on this wiki to whip it back into shape! My goal here is to start reworking alot of the pages on this wiki and update it with the current information based on the manga, not the anime as it derails from the original content. 

    That said, I can't do this all by myself and I'm looking to recruit several individuals who can work with me and update pages that need to be reworked while I fix other things.

    Anyone can join as long as they're committed, just PM me or reply in this blog post and we'll talk something out and make a plan/schedule. 

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing who will join! 

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  • Lanceblink

    I just finished the anime and im craving for another season ! and the mangga take so long to update.. really love this anime 

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  • Surtur13

    Who will Takeru marry?

    December 19, 2015 by Surtur13

    I think that takeru should end up with both Haruko and Inaho. He would mainly be married to Haruko, but she will also be willing to share Takeru with Inaho both romantically and sexually. She's become like a sister to her, and she loves Inaho very much. That's why she felt guilty after hearing Takeru reject Inaho knowing it was because of her. It would be like the harem plan in to Love Ru anime.

    How do you guys feel about this ending idea?

    Takeru does clearly have some romantic feelings for Inaho as well. Not as much as Haruko but still a little. He probably only rejected her because he was still unsure about his situation And wasn't ready to make that choice yet. Read more >