Azuki Mug
Azuki Shinatsu

志那都 アズキ


Shinatsu Azuki


Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color



Bust: 87 (E Cup) / Waist: 60 / Hips: 88

Professional Status

Tenbi Academy
Madō Kenkei Kikōu


Sophomore High School Student

Personal Status




Special Abilities

Martial Arts

Debuts and Voices
Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

The Day We Swore to Heaven

Japanese Voice

Misuzu Togashi (Japanese)

English Voice

Morgan Garrett (English)

Azuki Shinatsu (志那都 アズキ Shinatsu Azuki) is a member of the Student Council Security Division, a sophomore student of Tenbi Academy, and one of the supporting characters of the Maken-Ki! series. She is a powerful fighter that focuses on kicking style martial arts and is considered one of the most powerful maken wielders in the school, ranked as an A-Rank ability user.

Prior to the Clash with Venus arc, Azuki was attempting to become a part of Kamigami upon her graduation, in order to support her poor family. It is unknown what has happened to her request, although given the current animosity between Tenbi and Kamigami, it is unlikely she still plans to join them.

When she's off duty and out of school, she works at a maid cafe named Macaroon. 


Azuki has short red hair and purple eyes, and normally has a small bandage over her nose. She wears a pair of purple fingerless gloves. She currently has an E cup bust.


Despite being powerful and tomboyish, she has a soft side which she has hides from the public. She has a high attraction to bears, a trait shared with Kodama Himegami.

She also seems to have an inherent inability to fight without losing all her clothes down to her underwear, more so than the other characters. While most of the other character receive some damage to their clothes, Azuki's appear to fall apart completely by the end of her fights.



Welcome to Tenbi

Azuki is the one of the fighters in the first duel Takeru witnesses at Tenbi. As it turns out, the duel turns out to be over a stuffed bear, which is publicly revealed by her rival Kinua Garrett at the welcoming ceremony.

Later, she wins a duel with Kai Kurigasa after Takeru blocks a punch that would have made her lose. Despite this, she is irritated that he violated the rule of no-inference and humiliated her. Later, she is present at the welcoming party that is thrown for Takeru, Inaho Kushiya, and Kengo Usui, where she is revealed as a member for Magical Enforcement, along with Uruchi Minaya.


Azuki, as a member of Magical Enforcement, is expected to settle most authorised maken use, and so is experienced at fighting. She is currently an A-rank ability user, relying primarily on her maken.

Hawk - Azuki's maken Hawk looks like a mechanical boot when activated. Her maken boosts her already superior agility and speed, as well as her physical power. Azuki mainly fights using her legs through kicks.