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Aki Nijou

二条 秋


Nijou Aki


Female Female

Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Brown


Bust: 103 (K cup) / Waist: 58 / Hips: 92

Professional Status

Tenbi Academy
Madō Kenkei Kikōu (Advisor)


School Nurse

Personal Status



Unknown Mother



Special Abilities

Medical Expertise

Debuts and Voices
Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Hitomi Harada (Japanese)

English Voice

Heather Walker (English)

Aki Nijou (二条 秋 Nijou Aki) is the school nurse of Tenbi Academy, the staff advisor of the current Student Council Security Division, and a supporting character of the Maken-Ki! series. Aki was once a member of the Security Division a long time ago, along with her friends Minori Rokujou, Tomiko Amado, Gen Tagayashi, and Akaya Kodai.


Aki is a rather tall young woman with bright blue hair (more purplish in the second season and OVA) and light brown eyes. She has a slender, curvy figure and giant breasts. She currently has a K cup bust.

Aki's primary and common attire consists of her wearing a large white lab coat which she keeps open, since she is a school nurse of the academy. Under the lab coat she wears pink strapless top which is openly laced down the middle revealing a lot of her cleavage, along with a very short brown skirt. The aforementioned short skirt does have a tendency to ride up on her whenever she stretches or bends over, in which case she is typically seen wearing green panties.

Matching her slightly naive immodesty, Aki typically wears very revealing clothing, with her typical skirt being extremely short, usually riding up whenever she would stretch or bend over revealing her panties, and one of her swimsuits was a simple sling bikini which was thin enough to reveal her nipples. With her buxom bust and voluptuous body among all woman in Tenbi, Aki is obviously become a fantasy subject to all the male figures in the academy.

In a flashback in the 5th episode of season two, it was shown that Aki had already developed large breasts by the time she was 12 in elementary school.


Aki is one of the benevolent, gentle figures and she is very kind with all the students and all the school staff. She is shown to be a very naively immodest person (i.e. a clothing kultz) when situations arise. A running gag of this personality quirk of hers is the fact that she is constantly shown revealing some part of her body - most commonly her panties - unintentionally.

Aki has never had a relationship and is still a virgin even with her veteran figure, and is in no hurry to change that fact, as seen in season 2 episode 5 OVA where she tried to pass of Takeru as her boyfriend to avoid her mother setting her up. She does want a relationship but would like to sort the matter for herself. When Minori reveals her virginity to Takeru and Kengo, she is mortified, and begs the boys to keep it to themselves. Takeru said she would be a good bride and that he want marry her. After that she blushed and was really happy. She is in love with Takeru.



in the end of chapter 86 he is captured by yamato takeru and gets brainwashed by him in chapter 89 to be the sacrifice for unleashing the sword habakiri


Valhelm - Aki's maken is a debugger type, allowing her to medically examine people and see exactly what's wrong with them. It focuses on the damage in people's bodies and shows it as black spots, with greater damage causing darker areas. She can also erase short-term memories.



  • Aki has the largest bust of all the female cast, which perversely attracts all male student's attention and the envy of girls around her.
  • Along with Minori, Aki is one of Takeru's mentor who trained him to unleash his Maken within during the student training camp.
  • Japanese, adult actress Airu Oshima has features and measurements that are almost similar to Aki.

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